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    Warranty & Returns
    Please pay attention to following questions before placing the order.
    1. How about warranty on RC copters/planes and electronic components?
    There is no warranty due to the nature of the products. 
    No factory will provide the warranty for the RC copters/planes. 
    Please be careful to handle your copters or planes.
    RC models are fragile. 
    They are likely to be damaged due to an operational error or the fact that you do not know how to fly model aircraft, 
    and any collision or hard landing may cause damage to the helicopter or plane. 
    We cannot control your flying skills, actions, or the flight site you choose. 
    We will not bear any responsibility for the damages due to personal usage or loss, and any claims because of the wrong operations of the products, using failure or malfunction will be rejected.

    2. Do you inspect and test the RC copters/planes and parts and other items before shipping?
    To ensure the quality of all available models on our website, 
    we always do a very rigorous control before packaging. 
    All merchandise is in perfect operating condition before shipment. 
    When you receive the product, it will be in good working condition. 

    3. What should I do if the products are not working as soon as I received?
    Please don’t worry about it. 
    Most importantly, please contact our customer service with email 
    as soon as you received. 
    You should contact us in 1-2 days. 
    If you don’t contact us in time, we will not be responsible for this fault.
    Please attach the photos /videos to show the problems. 
    In this way, it is easier to diagnose the failure. 
    If you refuse to provide this information, we will not be responsible for this fault.
    4. What should I do if the products are broken in the transportation?
    If the package is obviously damaged, firstly, please refuse to pick up the package and then you can contact us and explain this situation to us by email. 
    In this case, if you pick up it, we will not be responsible for it.
    If the package is not obviously damaged and you have delivered the package, please contact us and attach the photo of the package and broken items. 
    We will check them. We have rich experience and will know if it is broken in the transportation. 
    After check, we will give you a solution.

    5. The item was used for many times but it was broken, crashed or failure can I have replacement?

    We are sorry that we cannot provide the replacement in this case. 
    To ensure the quality of all available models on our website, we always do a very rigorous control before packaging and all products are Brand-new. 
    We cannot know how many times you have used and you cannot prove that how many times you have used. So please understand we will not be responsible for this case.
    Offcourse, we can provide the replacement parts at extra cost.

     6. If I don’t want this item without any reason, what can I do?
    If the package is on the way, please refuse to pick up the package. 
    The package will be returned to us, then after we get it ,we will refund you and deduct shipping charges incurred by us. 
    if you already received the package, please do not open it, you will need to ship it back to us (china or hong kong warehouse) with the original package it was deliver, the cost of shipment will be pay by the customer, also please notice that if this is expensive item (more than 250$), there will be extra customs fee and charges that the customer will have to carry - we estimate it around 10-20% from the item price , for example - if you buy an item for 1000$ - after you ship it back to us , you will have to pay customs fees of 100-200$ to us in addition of the return shipping cost. after we deduct all of this from the item price, then we will give you the partial refund. 

    7. If I want to cancel the order and the order has been shipped out, can I get a full refund?

    We are sorry that we will not full refund to you. 
    In this case, we suggest that you deliver the package. 
    If you insist on refusing or returning the package, you have to pay all shipping cost, and 10% restock fee and other fees.