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    Drop shipping is a business model in which you do not need to keep inventory and worry stock level (please see the picture down this page), you just submit your customers' orders and shipment details to TOYATOYS.COM, then we ships the goods directly to your customers.
    Once you have your own sales channel, you trade without stock the merchandise at first. You just order at TOYATOYS.COM for what you have already sold, offer your customer's shipping address when check out for us to ship the product directly to your buyer. 
    As there is difference between your selling price and your actual cost, you keep the price difference, and make profit.



    How to become an Authorized DropShipper with TOYATOYS.COM?

    1) Please register an account in TOYATOYS.COM

    2) Please send an Email to and tell us in details about your business. 
    Like your seller ID in market place or auction site, your website, how much your weekly sales, item(s) you target to resell, the location of your customer etc. 
    please also tell us your account Email address at TOYATOYS.COM . 
    We will review the information you give and grant you the drop shipper membership if apply. 
    It is a necessary for us to understand how is your business running, 
    as we always look for drop shipper who really sell items and to have long term business relationship.

    3) Once we authorized your drop shipper membership, 
    your member type will become "drop shipper" in our system.
    You can login to browse the website to check the price of item you target to resell, the price shown after login will be the price before the dropship discount, to apply the dropship discount we will provide you special dropship coupon which will apply only for authorised dropshipper customers, you can use the coupon during checkout to apply it.

    FAQ about Drop Shipping:

    Q: How Drop Shipping Works?

    1) You have your own sales channel, like you sell products on the Internet (like , Amazon, or your own online store), in catalog sales, mail order, flea markets, retail stores, etc.

    2) Advertise and promote the item(s) on your website.

    3) Your customer places & pays order on your website.

    4) You place the same order on TOYATOYS.COM with your customer's shipping address , it is important that you put 
    the same address at our website and while checkout at paypal .

    5) We ships the order(s) to your customer directly.

    6) Your customer receives item; You never saw or touched any inventory.

    Q: How do I benefit from drop shipping?

    1) You can become a retailer without investing large amounts of money and start your business with very little risk

    2) There is no expensive investment on inventory or warehouse, and to maintain it.

    3) This allows you to sell a broad range of Toys & related products without investment.

    4) You don't have to carry inventory or pay for inventory upfront - you paid if and only if the products is sold and you got payment from your customer.

    5) You save time from packaging and mailing the merchandise

    7) No minimum order. Buy as little or as much as you like.

    9) You purchase products from us at wholesale price and set your own retail price at whatever you wan, you control your profit.

    10) We do NOT contact with your customers, your customers will be still loyal to you.

    Q: Why do I need drop shipping?

    If you do not plan on carrying inventory or setting up warehouses for your retail business, then drop shipping can be a key part of your business.

    With drop shipping you have no inventory, no packaging, no trips to the Post Office, and no paperwork! Why pay to have a product shipped to yourself to only have to turn and around and 
    repackage it to ship to your customer and pay double shipping charges, it just doesn't make sense.

    Q: Do you charge a fee for Drop shipping my merchandise?

    No. We do not charge any fee for the drop shipping program.

    Q: Whats the minimum order for Drop shipping?

    There is NO MINIMUM ORDER requirements. We do not set order limitation, while we will review your order history from time to time, we may discuss with you about the partnership if your sales volume is over expected.

    Q: Do I have to be a business to start drop shipping?

    No, you do not have to be a retail business to purchase products from our company.
     However, we do recommend you check with your local offices if you feel you may need to acquire a business license or Sales Tax.

    Q: How do you process and store my customer information, is it secure?

    Your customer information is kept strictly confidential. 
    We do not sell or use your customer info for personal gain.

    Q: Can I use your product information including images and descriptions?

    All product image, descriptions, website text and pictures are the intelligent property of TOYATOYS.COM.

    Q: How much you charge for shipping?

    Shipping cost depends on shipping weight and shipping method you choose. 
    Please add the item to shopping cart to check shipping fee option. 
    You need to select your country , and see what is the shipping cost for this order.

     Q: How long you guys prepare to ship orders quick?

    Most of the orders are shipped within 1-3 working days after the order is made.
    While for some item(s) which is supplied directly from factory,
    it may take longer time to prepare the shipment. 
    Availability of a item is stated clearly on item page.

    Q: How you pack the goods?

    We have standard packing procedure for all item, the packing will be the most shipping cost saving and environmental friendly which we believe to have enough protection for the goods. For most of the item, they do come with color box packing from manufacturer, we usually wrap the package with bubble filling and waterproof warping paper, for some item, we may add extra carton board for extra protection. 
    And some items come without the package when we get them from supplier, we usually use eco pack to pack the goods.
    If you have special request other than our standard packing, you may need to state your request upon check out the order. 
    We may need to charge for some special handing as extra packing will affect the package weight and therefore the shipping cost.

    Q: Will you test the item before ship?

    The manufacturer responsible for all quality check. To avoid potential quality issue, we always test item when we get them from suppliers, and may have random check before ship out the item. 
    Therefore, sometimes the original packing of goods may be opened.

    Q: Do you sell Genuine goods and New items ?

    All the items we sell are Genuine Goods and in Brand NEW condition, please don't worry about that.
    Q: How do I know when my merchandise has been shipped and when my customer has received it?

    Once your order is shipped, you should received an email notification from TOYATOYS.COM ,you can also checking your order status via "My Account" Also, you can always Email our customer support team if you need further assistance or have any additional questions.

    Q: How can I check my order history?

    Please login to TOYATOYS.COM, go to "My Account" and then 
    "my orders".